Every Exquisite Detail Matters


Featuring a FULL SERVICE PRODUCTION TEAM of top-notch PLANNERS & DESIGNERS Ethnic Essence instills clients with confidence that their vision will be realized in living color which gives them the peace of mind that every detail will be taken of care of by our dedicated team, all under one roof.
Most other wedding planners farm out the design services and rentals to mystery third parties, often leading to miscommunication and frustrating struggles with apathetic subcontractors, too late in the process to reverse course. In contrast, Ethnic Essence offers a streamlined experience with a unified & friendly team of planners and designers, making the experience cohesive, in every way, so you can relax and actually enjoy this pivotal moment in your lives.
Ethnic Essence transforms each personal story into timeless experiential creations. We specialize in helping clients find and articulate their visions and see them through from the idea stage to the finished experience. Our focus is on the design and storytelling behind each customized event we create. Taking the time to understand what our clients seek, we do not repackage recycled templates nor copy anyone else’s design. We work collaboratively with each couple; no two couples are alike & no two weddings should be either.
An Ethnic Essence Event is a curated expression of the couple’s unique story, an unforgettable elixir that leaves its impression in the senses of everyone present. We make the event an immersive experience, which sets us apart from the average wedding planner.
Our signature design service focuses exclusively on designing the most stunning event, from the venue layout to the furnishings, florals, textures, colors and every exquisite detail.

Complete ceremony setups


Personal flowers


Customized reception stages for bride & groom


Furniture rentals


Specialty cake tables/dessert bars


Mood & specialty lighting


Fabric draping and backdrops


Unusual décor elements